This body of work is dedicated to the memory of my beloved father.

 Honolulu translates as ‘Land of Pearls’ in Arabic, or literally ‘Here are Pearls’. This land that is often described as ‘Heaven on Earth’ establishes a final meeting place where we are promised a reunion with our deceased loved ones. For some, the attainment of Paradise remains a myth, but for others it instills hope and provides motivation to redress wrongs. This show represents both the coming to terms with the landscape of the unknown and embracing its faith counterpart.

Heaven cannot be attained without our time here on Earth.

November 11th - December 4th, 2014 / Sultan Gallery / Sabhan Kuwait.


 “Believers look up - take courage. The angels are nearer than you think”.

Angels are the guardians which facilitate one’s attainment of complete faith. Through our respective experiences, they travel alongside us on this journey of life. It is Angels that will receive us at the gates that people of faith devoutly strive to enter.

 In this video installation I allow the wind to dictate where these Angels may be. In particular, the Angel Mikael is he who is responsible for directing the rain and winds according to the will of God. These garments symbolize the committed presence of Angels and encourage the viewer to meditate on the notion that the divine manifests around us at all times.