Learning By Heart

In “I’m Sorry / I Forgive You” (Diptych), Islamic inspired adornment is applied to this tender act of reconciliation between loved ones. The aim is simply to beautify just as much as to transform the powerful act of compassion into the monument it deserves to be; equating the ornamentation applied on a space of worship onto this human force. 

Saints don’t believe they’re Saints. Saints always think it’s their fault.
— unknown

“Silent Sight” (series of six) questions the significance of vision, the most heightened of our senses yet perhaps the least relevant when attempting to see within ourselves and believe. In the series Silent Sight, I investigate how God is beyond object or depiction; finding different ways to describe or understand him beyond the gift of sight, brings me closer to His grace. 

The symbolic view of things is a consequence of long absorption in images. Is sign language the real language of Paradise?
— Hugo Ball

“Mirror Mirror / Allah Allah” (Diptych) raises religious and gender identity issues. It references one’s perspective on the world and one’s self, but also the world’s perception of what defines us as individuals. Here I have composed a scenario where I attempt to exercise inner and outer spirituality equally – whether veiled or unveiled, what is most important is that I see myself through God; as one of his creations. 

Oh God, make my inner reality better than my outward appearance, and make my outward appearance good.
— Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)

The process of creating my artworks often begins with a series of questions I have, once the piece is completed, it has answered the questions, at least partly, and given rise to further questions... 

Whoever will put in practice what they know, God will give them as an inheritance knowledge of what they did not know.
— Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)