I often suggest Western elements in my work and merge them or reorient them to my Muslim culture, a sort of re-appropriation of popular Western culture that I grew up being influenced by,” Abouon explains.

It is very obvious that the work represents the artist’s struggles living in the West with an Islamic upbringing. Abouon underlines that as she stands between the two cultures, she keeps asking herself questions related to her identity: “How do I want to represent myself in the world? Who am I veiled or unveiled? It is human nature to question and this is encouraged in the Islamic tradition.
— Excerpt from Ahram Online interview

↑ Instillation view of 'Al Matar Rahma', off Shaykh Zayed road for the Cultural Village, Business Bay. 2006


↓ Various exhibitions I have participated in from Paris, Montreal, Dubai, London, NY, VA ;