The Term is Not Waste Man but rather WISE Man

Again, my paternal grandfather was a Freedom Fighter against the colonization of Libya - he was part of the Nafousa Mountains brigade (if you will) with the Famous Omar Mukhtar who was mainly in the East. My grandfather (Muhammad Abouon) eventually had to escape possible hanging by dressing up as a woman and secretly fleeing to Tunisia where his wife met him halfway. He is clearly Not a woman as you see in the photo below but an extremely handsome man and yet his Hijab is identical to his wife’s.

They served the poor Tunisian town they settled in because they were more learned then the people there. They both washed the dead before burials. MamaHajja was a midwife and Jeddi Muhammad knew how to read Arabic/Quran. These two people raised my Father. My father has always honoured them to me through stories+ bw/colour photos and this is why I honour my father/family through my work as well.