‘Construction Zone: Repair My Heart’


Our hearts are a foundation which supports our bodies. If it is a faulty foundation the house/our bodies may crumble but sometimes it just needs maintenance. These days people are walking around with broken foundations/hearts and the theme ‘reviving humanity’ is giving me the opportunity to expose my own heart with all it’s malfunctions in order to jumpstart it.

Coming to Egypt for this Symposium I had no expectations. I took it as an opportunity to break from my solitary routine I was in back home and be with new people. I actually hadn’t made a sculpture in about 15 years because I am not specifically a sculptor. I didn’t realize that through this assignment of sculpting a heart and in my case I sculpted the representation of my own heart - Seeing and actualizing what the state I feel my heart is in helped me understand my overall health better.

The heart is a muscle and we are meant to keep it healthy so it could pump without interruption and for a while now I hoped it’d stop pumping. I’ve been through a lot in the last decade of my life and I didn’t realizing that coming to Egypt would jumpstart my heart. I hope to maintain this steady rhythm of: Ba Bump - Ba Bump - Ba Bump - Ba Bump - Ba Bump back home or wherever life takes me.

Artists are emotional soldiers and we fight to keep people feeling in this desensitized world of swipe left. Let’s collectively stop swiping and start lifting our hearts collectively.

In my native country of Libya, when we shake people’s hand we then touch our chest with our hand to symbolize a heartfelt meeting. This has indeed been a heartfelt meeting and may God help guide and bless you all.

Thank you to Peacock Gallery for finding me - Shosha Kamal Design for the assignment and approving my sketch - WYF for inviting and accommodating me.

 The original sketch of my ‘Rubble Heart’.

The original sketch of my ‘Rubble Heart’.