(NoMAD-noMAN*Cooking-Workshops) w/Arwa& Friends.

Tori Bowie (Vogue July/2018).

Tori Bowie (Vogue July/2018).

/Black Pepper flakes make me sneeze & White Onions make me cry/

Home Economics V$ whatever is available at the local grocery store which could be sold in bulk/liquidated because, why? Once made into dishes there is more life added to (produce + protein + grains) + (spices + butter/oils) can be then refrigerated or frozen for as long as 1 whole year more. We can also challenge it to last 1 more year after another year. Working these methods we’ll be infinity-feasting amongst a variety of communities (…..) (Why Not?) !inch’Allah*


dio-mount A99 copy.jpg

/A study on (lines) and (direction) + (Shadow Shapes depending on the light that day) + (Thinking No limitations(?) because we(?) say Freedom!) = *****THUNDER STRIKES! God makes you fall then (you/we) look up because the weather cannot be a ChaNNel !!!!! (controlled) = Believers Know & others just don’t want to UNderstand. (The Environment and food / Your Environment and Food).

Potato says: “To each their own”.

Battatta says (back): “ If that helps you! Then run with it”.\

: D (cheese) Snap! my freestylin’ above!

*ATTN: (Insaan Hurr) but not (a free for all) rather scheduled = Rather keep it simplified or rather build from what you have limited knowledge of the world and apply where you have safety + shelter.


(NoMAD-noMAN*Cooking-Workshops) By Arwa Abouon (will be on the move very soon iA). Please contact me directly if your community may need some spontaneous cooking/preparation for a feast with food that is on it’s way out of the grocery store to be enjoyed by anybody! For Example: Jerk on the Cheap & Sticky Drum Stix w/ JINGER or Cheesy vegetarian protein packed Mussaka!!!!! (so many more science experiment dishes served with guaranteed flavor and goodness…..). Let’s collectively reinvent the POTATO?!

Grow your levels of taste(s) like a magic bean stock growing above the clouds or run away as fast as you can to find other higher levels ingredient-content, FAST!!!!!)


The hope is aiming for a (Lasting Community) whom share the same values in the depths of their hearts that reach all the way to their stomachs and original existence.